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See what I did there? (Oh gods.)

On Wednesday my stats page showed I got a visitor from colthor.co.uk. This is almost as amazing as colthor.co.uk getting a visitor. Presumably they found it because it’s linked from my Twitter account.

It did make me think, though: if you stumbled across this blog without knowing me, and read entries at random, you would probably think I was a hateful, selfish, antisocial, miserable, miserly twat.

I don’t mean to come across as a hateful, selfish, antisocial, miserable, miserly twat, but that’s what I am, so there you go. (I stole that from someone, but I forget from whom.)

Whilst writing this I try to be straightforward and honest; it is a diary. And as it’s a diary, the point is that it’s a bit personal. I get to choose what I write about, and how, but if it were some “aren’t I great?” rodomontade* it would be horrible to both write and read, and utterly point- and meaning-less. I suspect nobody writing an honest diary about their day-to-day drudgery would come out smelling of roses. Deep down, everybody’s a bastard; the difference is how much effort one puts in to hiding it.

Of course I’d realised that’s how it made me seem before (I have to read it too), but I’d not really considered anybody I didn’t already know would read it, so hadn’t worried about what they’d think. Actually, I’m quite surprised that anybody I do know reads it, but at least they already know what I’m like.

So what else happened on Wednesday? My boss decided he wanted to change the spec of the scanning system. Not whilst I was working it out. Not when I gave him the prototype to play with. When? A couple of weeks after I’d given him (what I thought was) the finished version.


Although I’m sure it already does most of the things he wants, in the way he wants. It can go on the back burner whilst I think about it, and get on with the thing I’m doing at the moment. And stop being annoyed.

* Yes, that’s from a thesaurus. I was trying to find a different word I’d forgotten, but that one was too good to pass up.


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