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Don’t worry, Tuesday won’t involve another thousand-word diatribe about something you’re unlikely to know and care about. What did it involve? Not much. Legis, lector.

Damn, what did it involve? Looking up the Latin derailed my train of thought completely. I think the cases are correct, but when one is a native speaker of a language which has as little to do with grammar as possible, in a society that is wilfully ignorant of the mechanics of language because it “suppreses creativity” or some such rubbish, one can find such things hard work. Alas. Apologies to any mortally offended scholars; please use your dying moments to explain why I’m an idiot in the comments. You might have to type quickly to fit it all in.

Oh yes! Tuesday started well: it turns out that money flows faster downhill, so it filled the gaping hole in my finances (or, at least, credit card) before more money could be sucked out. Not by much, but it never went below -1,000 arbitrary currency units, and that’s all that counts. Hurrah for lucky scheduling!

As I’m only going to the gym three days per week, I had the evening off. Which inevitably means I spend most of it cooking. Mmm, food. Tuesday’s culinary masterpiece was gammon in Coca-Cola, an idea sparked by friends in Skegness. Here is Delia Smith’s take, to give you some idea of what it’s like, but mine was almost totally different.

All I did was rinse the gammon (I soaked it for half an hour or so); put it in a roaster, cutting up the skin for crackling and adding salt as you would for any normal porcine roasting-lump; poured a litre and a half of Coca-Cola (it mustn’t be diet, apparently) over it; put the lid on the tin and put it in the oven at 170°C or so.

After a while it became apparent the Coke wasn’t reducing as much as I’d expected, so I removed the lid.

Eventually I got hungry (I think it’d been roasting for a couple of hours, basting frequently), so I put some vegetables on a sheet to roast, and poured some of the meat fat, juice and Coke mix from the roaster over them. This was a Good Thing which I recommend you try; it goes all sticky and syrupy as the water evaporates off. Shortly after putting the vegetables in to roast, I cranked the oven to 220°C to crackle the skin. What I should have done immediately was remove the gammon from the Coke-juice, and sit it on top of the vegetables; foolishly, I left it in the Coke-juice a while before thinking of this, so the end bits of skin didn’t crackle.

Reserve the Coke-juice, draining off the meat fat, because it makes a nice sauce or you can use it as stock. In my opinion, at least; some comments I read vehemently objected to this use, so do taste it before you try it, although I think some of the saltiness went away when I cooked vegetables in it. I do like very strong-flavoured food, though, and this certainly counts.

All that’s left is to eat it. I peeled off the crackling (mmm, crackling) and munched it whilst the rest of the gammon rested in the roaster, with a bit of extra juice. Your situation may vary.

Finally, a use for all the bottles of Coke my parents have been given by the Chinese take-away over the years. And regardless of whether you decide to roast it, or if you think that Delia knows best, enjoy gammon in Coca-Cola!


Posted 1 November 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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