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Vetoes Premature Night.

Friday involved all sorts of work. VPN was sorted (nothing to do with me, I just connected and it worked), so that was tested, and there was an excuse to program in C rather than VB. I even got to use malloc()!

I discovered I’d burnt off the weekend’s excesses when I weighed in at 78.3kg. Hurrah! This meant I could start eating a whopping 2,700 kCal per day as of Saturday, and more food is more good, in my book. And even better in my belly.

The evening was going to the gym, as usual, and after that I decided: what possible better way to celebrate and test my brand new RAID array (which, not-terribly-scientific tests reveal, isn’t particularly different performance wise than my single old 750GB Spinpoint F1. And booting seems considerably slower. Read and write speeds did pretty much double between two tests, though; write would be because of caching*, but read? I didn’t change anything there, so who knows) than by playing Forza 3 on the 360 until way beyond bedtime?

Absolutely no way could be better. Rather than play through the main campaign, which is hard because I’m out of practice, I drove low-end cars – mostly my Alfa Romeo Brera, which is “low end” despite, in real life, costing about half as much as my house – through a few standalone events. If anything, I prefer the less powerful cars to the supercars and dedicated racers. And once I was too tired to actually race I just sat staring at cars I’ll probably never buy (or in the game).

* Caching writes to a RAID array with no kind of battery back-up? I don’t see any possible way that could cause problems.


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