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On Thursday I mostly got on with some work, but I forget which work. I’d finished one smallish job the day before, and can’t remember what was next. There’s always something. Mucking around with VPN happened, though; it didn’t work. Microsoft’s error messages were as helpful as ever.

Well, that’s not quite true. Mostly I stewed about the previous day’s invasion. Sigh. It seems startlingly unfair that such people are allowed to intimidate and menace at will, whilst those who just want to be left alone are explicitly forbidden from defending themselves against them. Still, I doubt anybody thinks laws are drafted with fairness in mind.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I should go back to the doctor about that. They really do upset me a lot, and I’ve definitely been worse at, and less enthusiastic about, interacting with humans lately in other situations. But, on the other hand, that includes the doctor and whomever he’d send me to. And, frankly, who can blame me? Humans are a horrible species; fear and loathing are really the only sensible reactions. I’m not sure why I’d want any more to do with them.

In the evening I copied more junk to my new RAID array. Apparently it was my singer friend’s evening at CCL (I discovered not long before I would have had to have left), but I declined. Not only was I not in a sociable mood, but I’d only had about five hours’ sleep, so I really didn’t think I could cope. I went to the gym instead, which is far less stressful. And meant I could eat more food. Crème brûlée!


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