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Enemy at the gates.

Wednesday started with the arrival of presents in the post. Hurrah! Three 1GB Samsung Spinpoint F3s, an external USB/eSATA drive caddy, and a Xonar DG sound card. Yay!

Alas, not all door-knocking can signal such happy things. Later on I’m assaulted by an obnoxious little shit from Shelter – so please never give them any money – who insists on lying about his cold-caller status (and yes, if the police come knocking without being invited, they are cold calling. That is what cold calling is. It doesn’t matter who or what you are). He claimed he was doing a good thing (no, he’s a supercilious thug, who gets off on intimidating others, sent to demand money with menaces); I point out that I don’t care. Eventually he leaves with a pathetic little threat, showing his true colours nicely.

One of these days I am going to lose my rag with one of these creatures.

This rather spoilt the rest of the day, sadly. I’d been looking forwards to my evening trip to pillage Morrisons (maybe one shouldn’t get excited about visiting a supermarket, but there you go), but my earlier upset meant I couldn’t really enjoy it as I’d hoped. Still, I got some useful things, some Christmas stuff, some goodies (crème brûlées! In glass ramekins, too), and a walk in the fresh air, so it was worthwhile.

Then I made a massive vat of chilli con carne. It wound up very sweet, because of all the vegetables in it, but at least it was also hot. And that means three days I won’t have to cook, hurrah!

Whilst that was stewing I started installing my new disks into my desktop (RAID 5 on the ICH7R, with the existing drive in the caddy on the eSATA controller to boot and copy from, until things worked), and to entertain myself I thought I’d watch Brazil on the iPlayer at the same time. This probably wasn’t a good idea, because after a while I had completely lost the plot. Was his girlfriend actually a terrorist, or only wanted ‘cos she knew there had been a mistake? I’m not sure. She certainly seemed shifty for most of the film.
Still, what the film does portray is exactly what Britain would be like if it became a totalitarian state. Evil and authoritarian, but in a good-natured, incompetent fashion. Good job, that film.

Oh, I probably shouldn’t have started copying drive images after bedtime. Not that it made much difference.

Sad how a few minutes’ human interaction can turn a good day miserable.


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