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But no cheesy puns.

It’s cheating time again. What happened on Monday and Tuesday? Well, my notes, written at the time, read:

Monday: Zzzz.

Tuesday: ?

So there you go. That’s what happened on Monday and Tuesday.

Hmm, well, I should probably try to expand that a bit. Monday I was rather dozy, recovering from the weekend, so didn’t get up to much. Went to Lidl and the gym, that was about that. Really, I was pretty much asleep, despite doing some wandering around. Maybe I played Gratuitous Space Battles a little? Maybe that was another night. I can’t remember.

Tuesday I was a bit more compos mentis, but still not the sharpest ball in the pond. I’d some cheese left over from the weekend, so I made leeks in cheese sauce for dinner. Cheese sauce is brilliant. It’s especially good if you add some onion (and, in this case, carrot and one of my my alas-unripened home-grown chillies) to the butter and fry them a bit before you add the flour, then make the white sauce as normal. It does make the sauce lumpy, but they’re lumps of onion and carrot, not lumps of flour, so that’s OK.

Oh, I had a problem a few times a while ago where my cheese sauce was separating out and going rather nasty (after having made it perfectly for years); the solution is to boil the white sauce for a few minutes, as normal, then turn off the heat before adding the cheese. As long as you’ve cut up or grated the cheese it’ll still melt in, with a bit of stirring. If you have to heat it a bit more do so gently, and don’t bring it to the boil, but it’s usually OK used as sauce when baking things. I think I read something saying that too much heat breaks down the cheese proteins and causes the fat to separate out, or something, so that might be why if you’re wondering.

I hope that’s helpful.


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