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Cuckoo! Out of its tree! They don’t live in trees, do they. Never mind.

On Saturday morning people are awake very early to watch Rugby. I’m not; I’m up very early to go to the loo. Unfortunately, I don’t manage to get back to sleep. Not because of the rugby, which I can’t even hear, but largely because of a duck that sounds like it’s manically laughing every few minutes. “WAAAK-wak-wak-wak”, it would go. And then, once more, “WAAAK-wak-wak-wak”.

I get up just before the end of the match, and once it’s finished we wonder when, or if, the people who were supposed to join us before mis-shapen balls were kicked (although nobody was at all surprised when they didn’t, or even when they didn’t appear after the game) would turn up. We decided nobody would arrive for the forseeable future, and went swimming.

The weather all last weekend was glorious, for October – and, indeed, would have been glorious much of the rest of the year – so wandering around outside in a T-shirt was not merely possible, but pleasant.

After we returned we played Forza 3 on the 360 for a while – despite it being my game, I was often beaten by the resident Gran Turismo fanatic – and got stuck into chocolates, biscuits and booze, until our friends eventually materialised. Then the day carried on much as the previous one had done, with games, drink, a curry, and laughing at (not with) the site’s entertainment. A good time was had by all.

Going to Skegness was a much less busy and eventful holiday than the one to Cornwall, but that was fine by me. I’m not sure I could cope with Cornwall-style trips twice in three months. A relatively quiet weekend away with friends is as good as a hectic few days seeing the sights, in my book. And Skegness is much closer.


Posted 24 October 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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