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Going north for the winter.

I’m up early on Friday because I’m finishing work early, so I want to have plenty of time to get anything necessary done. Deliberately awake at 8:30? Unusual, to say the least.

It turns out to be a quiet day, with nothing much to report. I’m hoping for an Amazon delivery which was, according to the tracker, in the van first thing in the morning. I hope they don’t leave it too late.

Unfortunately, 4pm arrives without any parcels, but also means two things: it’s time to finish getting ready to go to Skegness, and I don’t have to count any more calories until Monday. Hurrah! I can (and intend) to stuff myself stupid all weekend.

This weekend marks switching from one phase of my diet to the next; I’m quite happy with my weight at 74 – 75kg, and don’t really want to lose any more; emaciation isn’t my plan. So I intend to scoff anything that doesn’t run away until Monday, stick to the current plan for the rest of the week (to burn off my excess and give my system a chance to recover), and then switch to a maintenance diet (excluding exercise in the gym) and more weight-based than aerobic exercise three days per week from the following Saturday. Assuming the machines at the gym are accurate (unlikely, but what can you do), my sums suggest maintenance is about 2,700kCal, so that’s what I’ll stick to for the time being.
The reason for this is that it should give me plenty of calories and whatnot to, along with weight training, build some muscle, whilst the days in the gym should put me into a slight deficit to burn off remaining fat. I’ll see how it goes and adjust it as necessary if anything untoward happens.
As an added bonus, it means I can eat more tasty goodies, and also get an extra evening off during the week. Hurrah!

Back to Friday. My friend arrives to pick me up, I fiddle and faff for a few minutes in a last attempt to wait for the parcel (unsuccessful. I try to ask my neighbours; alas, they’re out. But they do collect the parcel when it’s delivered at twenty to six, so that’s good), and then we’re off! First stop is Bedford to pick up his wife and my ex, and then we double-time it to Skeggy.

I don’t travel well in cars when I’m hungry. It’s OK when I’m driving, but not when passengering, especially in the back. Keeping the window open’s OK, though, and we’re soon there.

Being hungry doesn’t last long; we dump our stuff, and it’s on to the most important activity of the day: fish and chips! And a battered sausage! That is what the seaside is all about. It’s also time to start drinking my tasty honey rum and Krupnik (both better at room temperature, oddly), and my first tin of beer for ages. I didn’t even suffer any ill effects of booze all weekend, amazingly, so that was good too.

Then there were drinking games, a brief trip to the site-run entertainment (we weren’t nearly drunk enough to endure it for long… I think we fell outside the target demographic) and Bomberman on the 360. Yes, we took a games console on holiday. What of it?


Posted 24 October 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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