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If disks get hot are they storage heaters?

I don’t often have dreams (or, at least, remember them. But if you can’t remember something and you’re the only person it could possibly affect, how could you know it just didn’t happen?), but on Thursday morning I had a proper horror-story nightmare, with darkness, flickering lights turning themselves off, and unseen monsters and dread. Also a bit where I was in a fighter jet having a dogfight with The Joker. I quite enjoyed it, much more than one of my more normal “you need to wake up and go to the toilet” dreams.

Happily, I felt much better than on Wednesday, so was more productive, and this productivity flagged up a lack of storage; I wanted to test something, but needed a clean OS install to do so. Alas, no spare partitions, nor space to create them. What to do? What else, other than buy a big stack o’ disks and a 3.5″ external caddy. I figured I’d get three 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3s to replace my desktop’s 750GB main drive, and install them as a RAID 5 array. This was because setting myself up for countless pratfalls and inevitable future mishaps is my idea of a fun time. That’s almost not facetious. Also, I’ve not played with much hardware recently, and I’ve only ever created one other RAID array.

I also bought a sound card (well, you wouldn’t buy a rubbish one). I can’t think of an excuse to blame this on work, but using onboard audio feels grubby, and it was only £25 with a built in headphone amp. And EAX 5! I like EAX, with all its echoes and whatnot. You don’t get that with onboard sound. Hopefully you still get it supported by games, considering the gradual death of proper audio hardware. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll even clear up the horrible interference and noise on the front audio jacks.

Oh, and I weighed myself at 74.5kg, so it looks like I’ve been careless with both sorts of pounds lately.

Later in the day, I got a telephone call. A young lady (claiming to be from some IT support company, so inevitably a scam, especially as they gave their ‘phone number as 0123456789 to Caller ID) asked for Mr. Mitchell. As this wasn’t the first call I’d received for him, I asked where they’d got this number, as I had no idea who he was. She went through the details. “David Mitchell”, she started, to my amusement. Laughing, I pointed out that he was a comedian on the telly. She’d got the number right, but the address I’d never heard of; Staples something. She seemed embarassed and confused, and quickly hung up.
I’ve been trying to think if I used that information as a spam trap at some point. If so, it would have been more useful if I’d remembered to whom I’d given the information! And I can’t think why I’d give a real ‘phone number; usually I use 01234567890. At least that has the correct number of digits.
Still, an odd but amusing little puzzlement.


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