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Hail to the beef pork.

Despite my late night, I woke up far too early on Monday morning, and this meant it was a slow and dozy day.

Normally I’d just go back to sleep, but between a lurgy-clogged head, and still being worked up about the previous week’s door-to-door nuisance, it became clear that there was no chance of that happening. It did mean I was up and doing early, for once.

Unfortunately, much of the day was spent being peckish. I had big chunks of pig for lunch and dinner, so I’d very few calories left to spend on snacks, and getting up early made this even more of a problem. I picked at my pork (ahem) during the day, which just about kept me sated. Even more annoyingly, it became apparent that I wasn’t up to going to the gym (I’m sure they wouldn’t want me coughing and snotting all over the equipment… Or the other members), so I couldn’t increase my nosh allowance that way. Still, once dinner eventually arrived I was sorted.

Work threw up one of those annoying, inexplicable, unsolvable bugs. I’d set up a drop-down combo’s text entry function to check if the name of something in its list was typed, and if so select it. Which it did, as you’d expect. But when you typed something in another box, or clicked the “Add” button, the combo box somehow had “Nothing” selected. I stepped through with the debugger, and none of my code was changing it, but somewhere in the untracable void between one event handler finishing and the next beginning, the combo’s selection was cleared, without affecting the text typed into it.
This remained unsolved until I gave up on work in the interests of eating dinner.

Not a day with much to recommend it, really.


Posted 18 October 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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