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What you’ve not noticed can’t worry you.

Gosh, I’m behind.
On Sunday I had more lurgy, so wasn’t desperately enthusiastic in the morning. Rather than getting on, I sat and played Civilization 5. As you do.

Eventually I had to get up, alas, because I had to shove dinner in the oven. It was my second lump of pork shoulder, which would take five hours to slow-roast for pulled pork (I tend to make it similarly to this BBC Good Food Recipe, except I roast it in a covered roasting tin for 4-5 hours at 170°C, then take the lid off and crank it to 220°C for twenty minutes or so to crackle the skin. I’m sure – and the URL suggests I’m not going mad – that it used to be listed with some kind of sausage salad or coleslaw. Doesn’t matter, you only need the pulled pork bit), so it needed to be cooking before I went riding at 3.

And go riding I did. Astonishingly, Sam was caught with not a single bit of bother, and he was absolutely perfect all the way round. He only jumped at one thing – a bird making a funny noise as it took off behind him – and you can’t blame him for that, as I was surprised too. Wilf was not nearly so well behaved, and Jane said she was happy that I, not Karen, was on Sam, because (you may not believe) I’m a very laid-back rider, whilst keeping control when I need to. Horses tend to act like their riders a bit; if you’re calm, they’re more likely to be; if you get wound up, so will they. They will also take advantage if they think they can get away with it.

We had a very controlled canter along a bridleway down the side of the field; Sam would have loved to have a good charge, but despite his enthusiasm let me keep him in check; Jane was keeping it collected and I had to stay behind Wilf (especially after Jane lost a stirrup) to avoid an escalating, dog-walker-running-down race. The same canter did not go so well the following week; I wasn’t there, but Skye went ballistic and bucked Mum off, so she’s a bit bruised. Oops!

After riding (the fresh air and gentle exercise made me feel much better) was more Civ V, and that made dinner late. The advantage of slow-cooking is that you’re not rushed though, so that was OK. I just chucked the veg in to roast, took the lid off the pig, took the pork out to rest once it’d crackled, and mmm, dinner. Accompanied by some light comedy from the iPlayer.

Then it was back to Civ V, so I was late to bed. It didn’t matter, I couldn’t get to sleep anyway.


Posted 18 October 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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