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More money than skill.

Not much happened on Tuesday, but at least my lurgy had mostly dissipated.

I didn’t figure out the magically clearing combo-box bug, deciding it was one of those unfixable glitches beyond my control (ah, the joy of Visual Basic), but the nature of the problem – only happening when an item in the list was typed in – made it easy enough to work around; just look it up. Stupid bug.

Sorting that out meant that the work was done. Hurrah! So I could finally give it to people to test, so that they could tell me why it’s broken or rubbish, or – perhaps – that it’s not, and then it can go live, and I can figure out how to merge branches with Subversion. Will the nature of VB source files make this awkward? Probably. Don’t worry, you’ll know if it does. Happily there shouldn’t be too many clashes, because the major fix (note: not that major) I’ve done in the meantime got typed into the development branch and not the trunk. Oops! This is the problem with having two different branches checked out in quite similar directories. It wasn’t urgent though, so never mind.

In the evening I was feeling well enough to go back to the gym, so I did. That meant I could have a creme caramel and scotch egg as snacks, so wasn’t nearly as hungry as on Monday.

After that I played Forza 3 with the intention of earning some cash in case people wanted to upgrade cars at the weekend. I actually wound up spending about 100,000 credits more changing the upgrades on my Dodge Viper SRT-10 to get through the last race of an event in first place than the race actually won me, so that wasn’t terribly clever. Yes, I’m rubbish. And also horribly out of practice. I know.


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