Mighty is probably stretching it   Leave a comment

But, y’know, twigs!

Wednesday morning. 9:30am. The alarms sound.

What happens?

I get out of bed, go over to the chest of drawers, and stop my ‘phone making annoying noises.

Then I turn on the laptop, ablute, have breakfast, get dressed, shove a load of washing on, and get on with work at ten.

No, really. That actually happened. Well, it was a couple of minutes past ten, but I take the view that if the radio news bulletin is still playing then you’re not late, and it was. No, I wasn’t listening to twenty-four hour news.

And I really did get on with work, all the way to lunchtime. And after lunch I got on until it was time to finish, when I stopped. Nobody could claim that I didn’t do a productive day’s work, and I wasn’t even late to bed. There was considerable progress, and although I didn’t get everything I wanted to done, it didn’t matter; I’d simply over-estimated what I could do in the time, so it didn’t bother me. It was the best work-day I’d had in a long time, and there was still the entire evening ahead of me.

So I played games all evening, right? Alas.

I went to Morrisons for Christmas cake ingredients (amongst plenty of other things) straight after work, and had that funny thing where you walk into a shop in the sun, and walk out and it’s dark.

Next it was time to make dinner for the next three days; a big pot of chilli con carne. I used a few of my home-grown chillies in it, but they’re not properly ripe yet, unfortunately. That took a couple of hours.

After eating I had to do the washing up, which somehow took an hour and a half.

And by then, it was about time for bed again. Just enough time for a creme caramel. funny coincidence; a few days ago I’d been thinking that I really like creme caramels and haven’t had one for ages, and what’s in Lidl’s French Nosh Week the next time I go in? Extra-special creme caramels with those e-acutes I can’t be bothered to find and everything. And very nice they are too.

So no games or anything got played, but a lot did get done and I felt a lot happier about it. A marked improvement. Hurrah!


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