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Said Geordi La Forge.

Happily, Thursday started in much the same way as Wednesday; getting up and getting on. Two days in a row! Amazing.

And so work was got on with. I thought I’d finished the thing I was doing, but found a bug right at hometime. I fixed it, but thought it was best to test it properly before letting anyone play with it. You know what happens if you don’t.

My laptop was feeling particularly sluggish, so I bought it the memory upgrade it’s been wanting for a while; it got a new CPU and hard-disk last year, and 2GB just doesn’t cut it when you’re running several chunky programs at once (VB6 is about the lightest-weight thing it ever runs; a single spreadsheet in Open Office uses more RAM. Hell, Chrome’s Flash plugin uses more, somehow), especially when it’s shared with the graphics. And it’s Vista, which doesn’t help. So it will soon have as much memory as its antiquated 32-bit OS can address (and slightly more than it can actually use, thanks to the x86 architecture being a bit rubbish/Microsoft not using that PAE thing that’s existed since the Pentium Pro).

It might seem odd to keep upgrading an old, cheap laptop with a knackered battery, but you can’t get decent screens any more. Everything’s 16:9 these days, which is even worse than 16:10 if you’re actually trying to do some work on it (and even if you’re just trying to browse the web or do anything other than watch films, in fact; web pages scroll downwards, not sideways, and most are only a few hundred pixels wide anyway); in Ye Olden Dayes a 4:3 resolution like 1920×1440 was brilliant, 1600×1200 was good, and 1440×1050 would do. When I bought this laptop, it came with a 1920×1200 17″ panel. Over-the-top width-wise, but as the whole machine cost £600 you can’t really complain. These days they’ve chopped even more pixels off the bottom, so if I “upgraded” I’d be stuck with a 1920×1080 – or, worse, 1600×900 – display*. This isn’t a telly, it’s a computer. It’s almost like different devices have different uses, or something. What next, SupraWideHDVisionâ„¢? It’s only one pixel tall, but it’s ONE MILLION pixels wide! Won’t that be good.

And so until the screen packs in it’ll just keep getting new bits stitched on and extra jolts of lightning to keep it going. Happily, the last Dell I had survived for about ten years, so fingers crossed monitors will stop trying to ape tellies in the meantime. They’d better get a move-on, or mobile ‘phones will have caught up…

Rant over. In the evening I had dinner and watched Dr. Who, went to the gym, played Batman: Adventurous Angling for a bit (hurrah!), and ate extra food. I went a whopping EIGHT CALORIES over target for the day! I shall become a veritable ball of lard. And all evening, not once did I feel guilty or stressed about work. Jolly good, eh?

* OK, you can still get the Macbook Pro with a 17″ 1920×1200 panel. The basic model is over two thousand pounds.


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