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The only way is onward, there is no turning back.

Friday morning I woke up at seven-something, needing the loo and really needing, for some reason, to blow my left nostril. I get to the bathroom, and notice something red drip out of my nose. Oh, righto.

The inexplicable nose-bleed takes several minutes to stop, by which time I’m almost awake. When I return to bed it takes a while to get back to sleep, but the alarms go off at 9:30 regardless. I’m not my usual, chirpy self – you can imagine how bad that is – but I still make it out of bed. After turning off the alarm I do spend several minutes sitting dizzily on the end of the bed, but I manage, groggily, to get up and get on. Success!

And possibly even worth it. The day was beautiful, hot and sunny, probably one of the best of the year, and I must admit that I took a bit of advantage to sunbathe a little. I even hung out the washing with my T-shirt off, but don’t worry; any onlooker would have been blinded by the light reflecting from my pallid belly before they could possibly realise the terror of the situation. So that’s OK.

It really was uncommonly nice weather for the 30th of September, which was also the 8th anniversary of the end of the world. Time flies, eh? Not that anyone – myself included – noticed at the time. Not even a whimper.

Apropos was the theme tune to Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 drivetime programme, which they always play in full on a Friday. They use a version of Enjoy Yourself by Jools Holland and Prince Buster*, and gosh, that’s a depressing song. Inevitability, lost youth, the nagging feeling that all these years have been wasted and you can never get them back, the worse nagging feeling that you wouldn’t do anything different even if you could, impending decrepitude, mortality, and a chirpy Ska tune. It’s got it all.

But like I said.

* Not to be confused with the song of the same name by A+. Party like it’s 1999.


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