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Aliens, maybe.

What happened on Monday? I’ll tell you. Maybe. If I can figure it out.

It wasn’t a very memorable or notable day (I didn’t, in fact, make any notes), but here’s what I know:

Breakfast! I like breakfast. 40g of Chocolate Crunch cereal – a bit less than usual.
I went to Greggs to buy bread.
Lunch was a fish-stick and tomato sandwich.
Dinner was leftovers from Saturday’s bean and pasta bake.
I went to the gym and did the usual 250kCal each on the treadmill and steppy-thing.
For snacks I had some plums, and also bread and cheese (and still finished with nearly 300kCal left, but Sunday was pretty filling).
I did the washing up.

That’s about that. It doesn’t really account for sixteen hours, does it? The only other thing was work, although I suspect that a lot of the day could’ve been more accurately described as “not working”. Which means it drags on all day, and so you don’t really stop feeling like you ought to be doing it until bedtime.

And so that is what my Monday must have been like. A day that falls below background memorability in even my rather dull life. Something to consider there.


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