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No surprises please.

Tuesday was, in the details, quite dissimilar to Monday. It contained 373 kCal of actual chocolate, for one thing. And I failed to get most of the Christmas cake ingredients from Lidl.

But in the general pattern of the day, it was similar. I woke up at 9:30, and then dozed or slept for half an hour or so, and then dozed a bit more until I couldn’t avoid getting out of bed any longer.

Then I’d get up, and have breakfast, and coffee. By the time I finish that it’s after eleven, and maybe almost 12. Not exactly up and at ’em; only two hours to lunch.

Those two hours aren’t filled with brisk productivity, and so lunch arrives – ostensibly the mid-point of the day – and there’s practically nothing to show for it. Not a good result.

The afternoon’s perhaps a bit better, then after work “ends” it’s dinner time. And maybe some work before going to the gym, if it’ll fit in.

After the gym and a shower, there’s still loads of work to be done, and so some actual proper getting-stuff-done gets done. But all too soon it’s pushing 1:30, and time for bed.

So not only have you spent all day working, but you don’t feel like you did a proper day’s work, and you didn’t even do anything fun or interesting to cause the apparent lack of productivity (did I actually do as much as I would have done in a properly productive 8-hour day? Absolutely no idea, which is a problem). Pretty much no-win.

This isn’t a new observation, of course; I’ve made it before, probably even here. I’m sure others have too. It’s not a new occurance, and tends to lead to implementation becoming periods of misery before frantic crunches.

So far, so Shirley Bassey & The Propellerheads. So what? As I was getting ready for bed, I was lamenting that I rarely got time to play games or anything, and there were so many games to play and books to read. I knew the reasons for this, of course (and it’s more general than just work-work; I’ll put off anything by doing nothing given half a chance), and I was lamenting my own stupidity at least as much as anything else.

But, I had a thought. Why don’t I make an effort to actually get up and get on when the alarm goes off? So I’ve not wasted a chunk of the day before it’s even started. Start when I’m supposed to start, and actually get on, so that I can finish when I’m supposed to finish? I’m pretty awful in the mornings, but I can wake up whilst eating breakfast, I’m sure.

Well, the first hurdle is getting up when the alarm goes off. My ‘phone is what usually wakes me (it has an annoying cockerel noise), but I turn it off and can sleep through the radio. Simple solution, then: put it on the opposite side of the room, so I can’t turn it off without getting out of bed.

And then just don’t get back in to bed.

Will it work? Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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  1. How did it work with the alarm moving?

    • Hello!
      I shall write the next entry soon™, and that will say. I apologise for the unbearable suspense, but we wouldn’t want to spoil it, would we?

  2. Lol. Ok..

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