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Completely missing the point.

76.3kg! Better than expected! WHAT’S GOING WRONG?
I think this’ll be an unusually low result, though, by some alignment of factors. Probably won’t be back down here for a while.

Saturday started, as Saturdays should, with a few hours of gentle waking up and playing Batman: Angry Anglican. Baddies were punched. Nobody died.

But after a while, and lunch, I had to get on with a busy – albeit not terribly exciting – day. First stop was the town centre, because I needed a birthday card for Dad (I decided to go for a 100th Birthday one, apologising that the Queen doesn’t give out telegrams in octal, and suggested that if that made him feel old then perhaps life begins at 40 hex), inner tubes for my bike, and vinegar, baking soda and a scrubby brush to help clear out the horrible cigarette smell from the spare room. Of course, nowhere had all of these things, so I spent over an hour wandering around trying to find them. And failing to find a hot water bottle or slippers (I am 80. And look, I know it’s really hot now, but it wasn’t a week or two ago).

I did pick up some hot chilli sauce, which should make food tastier, and a new HDMI lead, which’ll hopefully make my 360 less of a nuisance to get working, and mean the PC can once again output sound to the telly. Well, unless it’s the telly that’s broken, but I doubt it and the cable’s only £3 to test rather than £300 (and seems to be working fine so far). I suppose that’s both the blessing and curse with “digital cables” (in real life, of course, there’s no such thing); they tend to work, or not work, rather than just being a bit fuzzy or iffy.

Then it was time to test out the cleaning stuff. At least vinegar smells better than cigarettes.

Just before half past seven I was about to have a haircut, when Mum called. Was I going to Lidl? Could I buy her some half-price sausages if I do? This would’ve been better if I’d been asked more than half an hour before the shop shut. It also transpired that there was no cake for Dad’s birthday, so I had no choice but to rush out to the shops again and pick them up.

Eventually I’d done everything, and could sit down with now-cooked dinner and watch Dr. Who (the alien hotel one, which was really good). You know when you’ve eaten really late* you’re not really hungry before bedtime? Well, I had loads of calories left to use, so thought it’d be a great time to try the Krupnik and honey rum. So I did. After some fiddling with an old glass, the scales, 30g of water and a permanent marker, anyway. How else could I measure out 30ml?

Krupnik is the first 40% ABV booze I’ve found that I can happily drink neat. Funnily enough, neither booze tasted much like honey, or as sweet as I was expecting. I think the Krupnik tasted brown-sugary. Can’t remember the rum. Both were very pleasant, though.

After this blow-out of a whopping 1.8 units of alcohol, I felt a little laggy and buzzy, in the usual unpleasant booze-induced way. Bleurgh. Can 1.8 units of alcohol really affect somebody noticably, on a full stomach, in 10 minutes? It seems far-fetched, but there you go. You know what they need to invent? Some sort of alcohol-replacement that tastes the same, but contains no energy and doesn’t get you drunk. That would make booze good.

* “Yes”, say a few readers, pointedly.


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