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Or something done by runner beans.

On Sunday I made my bum hurt.

But first – and, importantly, unrelatedly – I made some shortbread (from this recipe, although I pressed it into a casserole dish lid to cook it) as it was Dad’s birthday, and I’d agreed to make some for pudding.

Whilst that was cooking I got on with a spot of bicycle maintenance, because I’d still not replaced the tube I popped last time I tried to pump the tyres up. Unfortunately, it was the one in the front wheel, which is a lot harder to change than the rear wheel, probably because it’s an uncommonly-thin 1.4 inch tyre rather than the rear’s more commonly-thin 1.5. I was a bit worried the Schraeder valve wouldn’t fit through the hole in the rim, or that my pump only fit Presta valves, but it was all OK in the end. I really should get a track pump, though.

Mum turned up just as I was putting the tyre back on, so after a bit of fiddling it was time for round 1 of bottom-hurting; horse riding. As usual, I was on Sam, and he was a right pig to catch – even worse than last time. I’m not sure if it was because he’d been out a couple of times already that weekend, or because I was there and he doesn’t like men, but either way he was eager to avoid anyone with a headcollar (and me in particular). Eventually we gave up waiting and wandered off to start getting the others ready, and he finally gave in just before Mum did. And he got an apple for it; I’m not sure rewarding naughtiness is a good idea, but there you go. We seem to get on fine after he’s actually caught. I don’t understand it.

In the evening it was time for Bottom Pain Round 2: cycling to my parents’ house for Dad’s birthday dinner. Fortunately my bike’s saddle isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as Sam’s, and I was only sitting on it for 15 minutes at a time, but it didn’t help.

The evening went surprisingly well: Dad seemed to like his whisky, dinner was very tasty (I like goose, and I like cauliflower cheese even more. Worth the awkward and innacurate calorie counting), and everybody was even surprisingly good-natured and well behaved! Hardly any sniping or mean-spirited asides. A good time was had by all.
The cake was very tasty, too, and I was very happy with my shortbread.


Posted 30 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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