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Another one, even.

On Thursday my booze supplies arrived, including Dad’s Aberlour a’Bunadh Batch 36 (supposed to be very nice, according to people who claim to be knowledgable, and are definitely enthusiastic, on the internet), and a few other presents. It also contained bottles of Old Krupnik and honey rum for me, because I wanted to try them both and I’ll probably not want to remain sober (at least, until after the event) in Skegness next month.

This caused me to look up the calorific content of booze, because I’d not had cause to do so so far. Turns out it’s quite a lot (alcohol is 7kCal/gram, making it closer to fat – 9kCal/g – than to either protein or carbohydrate at 4kCal/g); the estimates I found (I’m not at all convinced they’re properly calculated) were 103kCal per 30ml for Krupnik, and I guessed that the rum would be similar to Malibu (both about 20% ABV, both quite sweet), one of the fancier varieties of that being 69kCal/30ml. 30ml being an American nutritional fluid ounce, or some similar daftness.

Those values are comparable to biscuits, aren’t they? The rum is similar to a Crunch Cream, and the measure of Krupnik has almost as many calories as a Twix. Which prompts the question: when you’re on a calorie budget, why would you pick the booze over the biscuit? It would be madness. High-calorie stuff that makes you feel hungrier, and quite possibly, unwell, can’t be a winner.

So, whilst I was curious to see what they were like, I stuck with the cake and yoghurt again. It was the right thing to do. I had plenty of calories today, because it was haddock and roast veg for dinner – the megacalorie pork portions had finally all been used up.

(I actually finished with 78kCal left over, so I could have had some rum. But meh.)


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