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No fish puns! Couldn’t be bothered trawling for the crappie things.

Saturday wasn’t terribly eventful. I vaguely intended to do something to one of the spare bedrooms, but didn’t. I did play quite a lot of Batman: Ace Attourney (there’s a mashup. “OBJECTION!” *Biff!*).

Lunch was an experiment. Eggs are good for you, and I could eat more, but hate cooking them. Answer: hard boil them. Reduced-fat cottage cheese has yoghurt in it, and tastes a little bit like mayonnaise. Would the mixture work? Answer: Yes. Unfortunately, it turns out I really don’t much like boiled eggs, except the more-or-less tasteless ones in scotch eggs. Probably refrigerating them after cooking would’ve been a good idea. Still, ate it anyway. Extra salt and extra pepper to mask the nasty eggy taste. Not looking forward to the same again tomorrow, though.
(No, they were fresh eggs. And free-range, which might have been my mistake.)

I also went to Morrisons, so this will be an exciting “Colthor went to the shops” and “Colthor ate some food” post. Aren’t you lucky? No.

It was an expensive shop. £25! But for that money I got 10 portions of meat and fish for dinners (and also some lunches, and it could’ve been eleven with better planning/a bigger freezer/more people to feed), and a big pile of other stuff (more than half the cost of the shopping). Not bad, I thought. I don’t go to Morrisons often, so stock up when I do, and they had pork shoulder for £2.20/kg.

This meant the day’s dinners were fish. I figured that fish is good for you, and it’s pretty low calorie, right? Well, usually. Tuna is. Smoked mackerel, not so much. And there was quite a lot of mackerel for 65p. Oops. Still, the freezer was crammed full, so it was use it or lose it. So those dinners were: Grilled* smoked mackerel with a big chunk of toast (very tasty! Over 900 calories all in! Oops), and later on, peppered tuna on a bed of peas (Posh, no? I didn’t do a bad job of the tuna, either. Maybe a little over-done, possibly frying would have been better than grilling, but considering how little fish I cook – and I didn’t want to add any extra oil – not a bad job at all).

It did mean I was 150 calories over my daily allowance, but at least it was healthy, proper food. I really wanted to eat the Twirl Bites I bought, but just couldn’t cram them in. And wasn’t hungry any more, oddly. Oh well!

* It was “raw smoked mackerel”, and said to grill it on the packet. Despite the internet not believing in this, I thought it best to comply. I think I made the right choice.


Posted 22 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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