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“Why would I want to do a stupid thing like that?”

So I’m lying in bed on Thursday morning, desperately trying to deny that I’m awake, and my ‘phone starts ringing.

Urgh, I think. That’ll be my boss, and something will have exploded.

It’s not my boss. It’s my sister. “I may be having a moment of insanity”, she says.
Various half-formed ideas of “how would you tell?” or “only a moment?” rattled around my near-empty skull, but after a couple of seconds all I could enunciate was “Oh?”.
“Would you like to go to America next year?”
What. It is too early for this. “Not really.”
Apparently this was the wrong answer, and she went off on how she’d found some hotel that was £326 per person (per week, perhaps). A bargain! And it is three-point-six stars. I didn’t even know they awarded fractions of a star. What next? “This hotel is 72%”?
I countered that I’ve only just had a holiday and I haven’t recovered from that one yet.
She spouted some nonsense about holidays being relaxing. No, they’re stressful. I know; I’ve had them. When has one been stressful, she asked? Well, that one to Spain. And the first one to Florida. They were both stressful. She blamed that on bad luck and my father, respectively (although – as far as I recall – British Airways were primarily responsible in the Floridian case). I just like getting my knickers in a twist, apparently. Apropos of nothing, have you read this post about Cornwall? Just asking. It’s got a pretty pompom picture.
I point out that £326 excludes flights, food, and actually doing stuff whilst you’re there, so it’d come to a thousand pounds or so all-in, and I don’t have a spare grand knocking around. Neither does she. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to accrue the money, and then spend it? Apparently not.
She carried on for a while, my complete lack of enthusiasm slowly getting on her nerves. Eventually she gave up. Clearly my unwillingness to encourage – and join in with – her daft, frivolous spending of hundreds of pounds (that neither of us have) on a whim wasn’t what she’d called to hear. “Think about it”, she finished with, despite the fact that I already had. That was the point where I said “not really”.

So that started the day. And overshadowed it, pretty much. The evening was good, though, because it was my night off from the gym. So I had an easy dinner, and spent most of the rest of it bashing baddies in Batman: Anti-Aliasing. I may have watched the doll-house episode of Dr. Who. It was a good evening.

Funnily enough, the day ended much as it started, with a friend calling about a potential weekend trip. Not nearly so crazy/extravagent as going to America, happily. And the call also means I should get a game of Space Hulk on Tuesday. Hurrah!


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