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Oops! Forgot. It’s been so exciting lately.

I got my refund for that useless Dynamode wireless thing. Happily, there was no mucking around there. Hurrah!

However. I didn’t get a refund for the return postage. If I’d posted it back because of the 7-day return thing, that’d be fine; but I didn’t. I posted it back because it didn’t work properly. That means they should pay postage (Distance Selling Regulations section 3.57, apparently).

The problem is, who’s going to go through the fuss and bother for £1.33, when they can just say it worked fine?

Sigh. Not I, that’s who. It’s easier to just add it to the ever-growing list of reasons to be bitter and hateful towards the rest of humanity.

And whilst I may be trivially out of pocket, they, at least, do not gain anything.


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