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Not my secret identity, honest.

Tuesday involved eating a scotch egg and a sausage sandwich. My diet is so terribly onerous. This did mean I had to do an extra 50kCal of work in the gym in order to eat an apple (which might not come out well in a cost/benefit analysis), because otherwise I would have been seven calories over. And we wouldn’t want that.

Well, I could have just done an extra 7 calories of work, but I didn’t know that at the time.

The day started with a lie in. There was nothing urgent to do, and I figured I could get up and be useless all day, or have a lie in and do something useful. So I did, and I did: I learned how to send raw data to a USB printer in .net. Turns out it’s quite easy because there’s a barely-buggy bit of sample/utility code in Microsoft’s knowledgebase. That’ll do.

Remember that time before the internet, when you had to figure things out for yourself? These days you just type your problem into Google and do what it tells you. I don’t really feel like a programmer any more; I’m more like a researcher or collator. I could do things the old-fashioned way, digging through SDK documentation, but it’d take so much longer. And the search terms to find the documentation would probably find the solution too. One would have to actively go out of one’s way to make a fairly uninteresting part of life more effort.

Then there were sausages. Big, 254kCal each sausages. One for lunch and two for dinner. Funnily enough, dinner wound up being fewer calories in total because it didn’t contain any bread or olive oil.

Most of the evening was Batman: Andre Agassi, but I also went to the gym. Exciting times at Castle Colthor, and they look set to continue for the forseeable future. Fasten your safety belts, as Captain Cliché would say.


Posted 15 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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