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Ah, Sunday.

Well, first up was a few hours of Batman: Alcoholics Anonymous and some Cornish Gingerbread. I have a few problems with the plot (of the game, not the gingerbread; its story was a totally acceptable tragedy) stemming from the fact that Batman’s an idiot. How many lives, how much misery, would have been saved if he’d just killed the Joker in the first place? Apparently his hiding behind morality in order to avoid solving problems is not a satire on rehabilitation. But the game is rather enjoyable*. Not got the punching down yet, but it doesn’t have overwhelming amounts of combat so far, and the sneaking, exploring, and whisking away baddies from the shadows are all fun. The biscuits were very tasty.

Then I had to go shopping, and have lunch.

There wasn’t much for it for the next few hours: I had to avoid doing some work. I set up a GrooveShark account and playlist. Spotify’s track-play limit annoys me; I tend to listen to a few songs quite a lot, so five plays wouldn’t last a week. Never mind that I’m a hoarder, so a five-play limit is exactly the same as a zero-play limit; I’m never going to use something where my uses are so very, and permanently, limited. This is why I finish games with full ammo for all the best guns. Clearly I could buy those songs (Spotify probably being the cheapest and easiest place), or I could pay for Spotify’s unlimited thing; but either of those would be giving Spotify money for making their service worse. That would be a stupid thing to do, no? So instead, there is GrooveShark. Which can be accessed from my ‘phone, doesn’t have audio ads, and is free.

Then I made dinner. Between the biscuits, a Wagon Wheel and the cheesy potato pie (spuds are surprisingly calorific, and the cheese and pesto probably didn’t help) I went 250kCal over target for the day. Oops. But it was tasty. And it was a long day.

Eventually, work began. There was (too) much coffee. There was staying up until 4:30am. But most of the tedious UI stuff was sorted. If only I’d done it during the week *sigh*. Still, the extra three hours of being awake and caffeine-induced dancing at my desk will have burnt off far more of those extra calories than being asleep would have.

* Funny that I tend to consider “plot” and “game” as seperate things, but then so do many games.


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