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How do we procrastinate?

On Monday WordPress demanded: “List your favorite ways to procrastinate”, which is apropos. It would make a tedious blog post though, wouldn’t it? Just a list? And that’s coming from me. Also, “favourite”? That has to be the wrong word.

Anyhoo, what did I do? Bar the aforementioned obvious. Ate stuff. Went to the gym. Decided to use the steppy-thing (imagine a cross-trainer at a 45° angle) instead of the angry-trainer itself, because I was getting bored and it really wasn’t feeling like it was doing anything. Can’t say that about the steppy-thing.

After that I did some work, and got most of the rest of the dull implementation stuff out of the way. I wasn’t even that late to bed – about half-past two. The rest requires I do something interesting first, so that’s not so bad.

Yeah, that’s about it. I went back to Lidl for milk, but they only had 2pt bottles. Um. That’s the problem with work, it utterly destroys any hope of doing anything interesting or worthwhile; doing something else means you’re not doing work. Which means you spend a long time doing absolutely nothing at all.


Posted 14 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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