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“Put WATER at the HEART of a WHOLE NEW way of living.”

I was woken up at half-ten on Saturday by a knock on the door. It was the postwoman! I signed for the package that came with a free water bill. Aren’t I lucky. (Yes; I’m eighty quid in credit, despite using a whopping 214 litres per day. That is a lot of cups of tea.)

Anglian Water seem to be trying to make water bills fun. The end times are upon us.

Then I heard the postwoman knock on the neighbours’ door. Cogs turned. I re-unlocked the door and poked my head out to let her know that I thought they were on holiday, and accepted their parcel too. It turns out they were on holiday. I am good at observation. Burglars needn’t bother; they’re home now.

My package was a wireless card that was the remains of the corpse of a PC I gave my ex last year, that I’d begged for and she’d very kindly posted (I don’t know. It’d been fine for ten years, but she has it for ten months and bang! Dead. Much like I will be if I carry on like that, because she reads this). There wasn’t, unfortunately, its antenna. Oops. I didn’t specify antenna. I think I can scrounge one from my old router, though, so that should be OK; hurrah for standard connectors!

After failing to get back to sleep I played Borderlands for a few hours, had lunch, and then the rest of the day went away leaving no memory and with nothing to show for it. I can remember dinner; I watched an episode of QI whilst I ate. But from lunchtime to dinner, and dinner to bed? Some trivial amount of work, and lots of procrastination, I think. Can’t remember at all. Nothing to remember at all. Ho hum.

I did make myself late for bed, for the opposite reason you used to (be told to) go to bed early at Christmas; I really wasn’t looking forwards to Sunday, as it meant more (not) working. If you go to bed later, you’ll wake up later, so have to deal with tomorrow later. Eventually gave in at 3am after doing the washing up.


Posted 12 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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