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Tried to think of a sub-heading joke, but I’d left myself snookered.

Friday! Yes. Um.

Well, I wrote that post about Portal 2. And I linked to it on Twitter. And, to the best of my stats’ knowledge, nobody clicked on that link. Sigh! It does seem that posts recounting my tedious, futile existence are more popular than posts that’re actually about something.

Otherwise, in the afternoon Mum called to see if I wanted to go riding on Saturday. I declined, as I had work that I really ought to be doing.

In the evening I went to the gym, played Borderlands, and generally avoided actually doing any work.

Hmm. I’m good at this.

I’m considering going down to 3 gym visits per week. Going three days in a row is pretty knackering (who’d’ve thought), and it’ll give me more time to spend on other things. I’ll see how I feel next week (prediction: “panicking over work”). Oh, I’ve now been 52 times in total; £3.23 per session. As long as I cancel the direct debit when it becomes obvious I’ve lost interest, I should finish ahead.

Annoying flobby belly is reducing slowly. I’ve lost about three kilos, compared to an estimate of four; either my food-recording is lower than actual, or calories used (either on the gym toys or in everyday life) is higher than actual. Still, not too bad.


Posted 11 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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