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Off with their heads.

On Tuesday, the crappy-wifi-hawkers got in touch.

Unfortunately, but typically, they did so after I’d already had to go to the town centre. At least this time Greggs had some bread in stock.

So, their email said, I must post it back and they will test it to verify the fault. Predictable.

What do we reckon? That it’ll pass their “test” with flying colours? That no fault or instance of it being bloody useless could be found?

I’m sure we’ve all came across that obnoxious little scam before.

Still, at least I bought it via the web, so get a 7-day right of return; I’ll only be out of pocket by P&P. But, by then, I’m sure they’ll claim it’s outside the seven days. Because it took them over a day to respond and it could take several days to arrive.

Or maybe it will simply be lost in the post. “That’s not our fault, you should have sent it recorded delivery”, as opposed to the second-class postage as explicitly specified.

*Sigh*. I hate having to deal with people.

Oh, the rest of the day? Yeah, whatever.


Posted 8 September 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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