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History repeating.

Wednesday was the third day in an unproductive week.

Unfortunately, I should really be getting on with the implementation for my current job. Thing is, when I’ve figured out how to solve something, I don’t see any real reason to actually do so; the important bit’s been done, and I don’t care about it actually working, just that it could if it were done. So no motivation there.

Also not helping is that implementation involves drawing tedious user interface rubbish, and hooking it all up so that it does something. I hate drawing and coding UI stuff. And that’s in VB, which makes it less of a slog than writing code to do it. And then there’s tedious typing, and tedious testing.

At least there’s no printing code this time round. Ye gods, I hate printing code. Move this 144 twips left, and that 72 twips up, test that, no not quite right… Tedious fiddly pointless nuisance.

I used to enjoy programming before I was paid to do it. If this counts as programming. I’m not sure. Probably not, it doesn’t really do anything.

So it all builds up into a panic- and despair-induced last-minute crunch. Every time. Which is fun. And I can see one coming, hurrah.

On the bright side, I do get a new toy to play with soon. One that might even involve some direct programming. Sadly, it’s a printer, but we can’t have everything. At least it’s a special printer.

In the evening I decided to distract myself from this rubbish by playing Portal 2, and then going to the gym. I was really flagging, but got through without giving up. I succeeded in doing the same thing I manage most nights, well done me. Afterwards, more Portal 2, and winning the game. Genuine non-sarcastic hurrah: hurrah!

And then “Oh, I can go to bed and get an early night”, and then you get into bed and it’s somehow ten minutes after bedtime and takes a while to get to sleep.

Realisation: A post or two ago I used the word “people” instead of “humans”. Improvement, or finger-slip? You decide.

Something that did happen was WordPress asking an odd question:
If you were given a chance to know what happens in your future, would you take it?

There are two possibilities here: if the future is malleable, then you can’t be told what will happen. And if some entity told you one set of events that possibly could happen, then that knowledge will affect your actions, which could make them either more or less likely to actually occur. It just becomes some arbitrary stab in the dark like fortune-tellers, psychics, and others who prey on the weak, desperate and stupid.

Whilst if the future’s pre-determined, there’s no point being given the choice. Because you have no choice. And the entity asking knows that, and knows what you’ll do, so it may as well just tell you or not. And your knowing can’t affect the outcome (or rather it would always be affected in exactly that way, because your being told was pre-determined), so it’d be pretty pointless.

I don’t know whether my future is decided by deterministic physics; or whether it’s accidentally controlled by those with far more power than I, who neither know nor care of my existence; but I’m fairly sure I have, at best, only a trivial say in my own fate.


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