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Brought to you by Charmap and the letter ï.

So, Monday. Not much to report, really. I did email the people I bought that crappy wireless doobry from, but they didn’t reply on the same day.

They certainly didn’t reply before I went to the town centre to buy bread. I failed, of course; what fool expects a bakery to have bread, especially a mere three hours before they close? Still, everybody starts out naïve. We can but learn. Equally naïve was the hope (well, naïvety and hope are pretty much synonyms) that somewhere else might sell bread that’s not pre-sliced rubbish. Why do they sell that crap? Why do people buy pre-sliced bread? Worthless, useless rubbish, of no use to man nor beast. Grr.

Leftover chilli for dinner. Quick and tasty. That’s what we like to hear.

I looked up burning fat vs. muscle. Maybe I was bored? I forget. Anyway, apparently, to keep muscle you should:

  • Eat at least enough to cover your Base Metabolic Rate. This one has [Citation Needed] next to it on Wikipedia, but many things I’ve read suggest that the greater the calorie deficit, the more muscle you lose. So why not. It’s not like eating 2,000kCal/Day is terrible, and it’s still a big enough deficit; only 250kCal/day more than my current no-exercise target.
  • Eat lots of protien. This one was a US Army study, apparently. They only tested 0.9g/kg and 1.9g/kg, but the former lost muscle (with a 1,000kCal deficit), and the latter (and the 0.9g/kg, no deficit control) didn’t. I doubt I’ll manage to eat that much (expensive!), but I don’t imagine it’s a binary thing.
  • Exercise. This one’s not exactly revelatory. That’s why I go to the gym.
  • Drink milk after exercise. Supposed to help you gain muscle but lose fat. Sounds like bollocks, doesn’t it? But there was apparently a study that backed it up. Still, milk is quite good for protien, has a few calories in it, and I buy it in four-pint bottles ‘cos it’s cheaper and struggle to use them up in time, so it’s pretty good from all points of view.

‘Course, these studies were with a handful of people, so not exactly ideal; could all be a coincidence. It’s almost like this hasn’t been tested thoroughly or something despite the diet industry being worth squillions of escudos. If one were cynical, one might think that demonstrable results, based on scientific evidence, were not high on their list of priorities.

I also had a good idea: Scotch eggs! I don’t eat many eggs, because I hate cooking them. And they’ve got sausage meat in. And they’re dead cheap and easy. And they’re brilliant.

Scotch eggs: Ideal as part of a calorie-controlled diet.


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