Dunking Tinkerbell   Leave a comment

Make your own “hot and wet” joke.

Sunday was another day off. Two in a row! Brilliant.

That meant computer games. I was tempted to start another game of AI War – there are so many ships I’ve never seen and options I’ve never played with! – but no. I was strong. The last campaign took a month (seriously; the first save is dated the 4th of August), and there are so many other games to play. There are plenty I’ve already paid for. I’ll go back to AI War one day, when it’ll no-doubt have had plenty of patches and changes and fixes, so it’ll almost be a new game. I treat Dwarf Fortress similarly; get sucked in for a while, every few years.

So, if not AI War, what else? Something I’d been looking forward to, but needed my desktop to play: Portal 2. I mean to write a post about it, but I’ve not finished it yet (probably got about half-way through on Sunday), so want to do that first. But I spent a happy day chuckling at the game and munching Cornish Fairings. They’re a bit like differently-spiced ginger nuts, if you’ve never had them.

I actually managed to munch a whopping 2,406 kcal on Sunday, which I was pretty happy with. That was about seventy more than Saturday. OK, clearly I could’ve easily got the lot by spending 89p on a 500g pack of Lidl’s Fairy-Princess Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits and dunking them all in mugs of tea (and that is a pretty brilliant way to eat 2,500 calories), but felt I ought to make some sort of effort to consume a balanced diet. I am trying to be healthy.

It’s just that eating that many calories from healthy stuff is surprisingly hard. Happily, biscuits.


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