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Except not convenient.

Friday! What happened on Friday? Nowt.

Well, the gym and jog home went quite well. Dinner was pretty good; spinach and ricotta tortellini and creamy pesto goo. I tried the lime and chilli chocolate I got at the Eden Project; it’s definitely an unusual and interesting thing, hot and sour more than sweet. I like it, but only in quite small quantities, as it’s to savour not scoff. That’s about that.

Oh, there was one thing! I got the Dynamode WL-700N-MRT USB WiFi doobry I ordered the other day.

Is it good?

It’s absolute rubbish.

After much fiddling with drivers (the updated ones on the probably-official site wouldn’t even install on Windows 7 x64, but I found a few versions for the underlying RealTek chipset that will), trying in different USB ports (back = awful, top = less awful, probably because of the desk), and even testing it in my laptop, I couldn’t get it to work in any way that anybody could consider good or reliable. Or even bearable.

The best I managed was getting it to work almost as well as my laptop’s built-in 802.11G adapter for maybe a minute, then working about half as well for a little while (but a bit more rickety and spiky), until eventually stuttering down to sub-modem usefulness. Then you have to unplug it, plug it back in, and start again.

I put up with it for much of the weekend – just as well Steam’s tolerant of crappy connections – but won’t be for any longer. The useless lump of tat is getting returned.

Poking through my Amazon order history I remembered I bought a Dynamode USB sound-card a while ago. That was utter crap, too. So don’t buy Dynamode stuff.


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