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Wait! He was Al! What a horrible mistake.

Wednesday was back to normal. Except I got to wake up in a nice, snug, properly carpeted and decorated room. Hurrah!

Otherwise, work was work. Dinner was a vegetable Thai red curry stir-fry, thanks to a packet sauce that needed using, that tasted of very little probably because of the can of sweetcorn I added. Still, it was OK, and provided quick leftovers for Thursday.

In the evening I went to the gym, and seemed to get on pretty well. I’m quite sure the cross-trainer calorie-counter was kaput; some machines are noticably easier than others, and this one I was going pretty fast on setting 17. Most machines I’d barely be able to keep going at all, but as long as I kept a certain pace up it was easy. So I got to 500 kCal with less apparent effort than 300 would usually take. I counted it as 300 and did a bit extra on the jog-O-tron, and never count the jog home anyway. The trip home was the first time that I managed something more like a run than a jog, too. Maybe I’m getting fitter, or maybe the break did me some good.

Played AI War in the evening. I’m coming for you, AI.


Posted 4 September 2011 by Colthor in Games

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