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Don’t have kittens.

Tuesday was back to work.

It was also the day when Dad came to trim the bottom off the bedroom door, so it didn’t knacker the carpet, and the day Mum came to fit the curtains (which turned out to take no work because they were exactly the right width, and they need to hang a bit before they’re shortened).

So after one false start – the carpet is very thick, and Dad misunderestimated the amount to chop off the door, so he had to have a second go with the router – the bedroom was finally finished.


So Tuesday evening I didn’t make it to the gym, as I was moving from the spare bedroom to the main bedroom. No more bare, dusty walls or no-pile, no-underlay, non-fitted carpet!

It was odd that when I was moving I felt the kind of sad nostalgia I feel when moving house and I’m packing up all my junk. I was only living in that room for six months, and I was moving to the room on the opposite side of the wall. Nothing moved more than five meters. It’s the same house. Stupid emotions.

Of course, moving those five meters did mean dismantling the bed and desk, so took quite a lot of time and effort. Even trying to move the desk through whole would’ve led to much damage of woodwork, paint, and possibly desk, for no progress at all. Still, it was probably some exercise.

The move also meant I could reclaim my desktop PC! I can play games that require horsepower or graphics again! Hurrah! This is especially good because my laptop’s fine for the small, early stages of AI War, but was really beginning to bog down when thousands of ships were being thrown around. So some time was spent fiddling with that. I’m glad I have a fifteen meter CAT5 cable knocking around, because the machine had no WiFi. I ordered it a cheapo USB adapter (probably cost less than the cable, but it’s only temporary; eventually it’ll be wired in properly, downstairs) so I don’t trip over the cable in the meantime.

And so I got to enjoy dinner (without spilling any… Yet) and go to bed in a nice, decorated, snug room. At the back of the house and with a slightly better window, too. Victory!


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