Not redundant storage   2 comments

Unlike my brain.

I can’t really remember Friday. I couldn’t remember it yesterday, either. Could I remember it on Friday? I can’t remember. This probably won’t be a long or exciting entry, then.

Work: I think I’ve just about figured out how I’m going to do what I’m going to do, so soon I’ll have to actually do it. *Sigh*. Boring!

Food: Ham’n’beans’n’cous-cous. Can you believe I don’t have a Michelin star?

Gym: Back to 300kCal cross-trainer and 200kCal treadmill. It was wet, so I jogged home in my knackered old trainers, not my clean new gym ones. If anything, they were easier.

AI War: Yes. I’m just clearing the place out a bit so I can start attacking the AI’s homeworlds. Then the plan is to clear out the Core Guard Posts until there’s just the home stations left, and bash both of those at more or less the same time, because each will cause a huge AI Progress increase and probably an influx of Tech 5 ships. The Core Raid Engine post on one of the home worlds promises to be Fun (in the Dwarf Fortress sense), so I’m going to take that out first. Hopefully all my bombers in transports will be able to get in without triggering it, and then they’ll take it down fast enough that it’ll only be able to send one wave, which the rest of my fleet will deal with. Doubt the bombers will make it out alive, though.


Posted 28 August 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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2 responses to “Not redundant storage

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  1. You do like AI dont u?

    • A game hasn’t engrossed me this much for a very long time.
      I’ve been trying to think of a way of explaining my campaign that’d be interesting, particularly for people who’ve not played it. Unfortunately, to do so you’d have to go into all the decisions made, and the reasons for them (or it’d just be “and then I took this planet, and then I took this planet, and then I built some turrets”, which gets dull inside that sentence), which would require pages of explanation of game mechanics. There are so many interlocking and unusual things going on, and because it’s purely sci-fi there’s not much real-world stuff you could draw on. At the interesting levels, it doesn’t even have that much in common with other RTS games I’ve played.

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