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You’d think “the flower bed needs weeding”.

Thursday. Nearly there! Hurrah.

Dad wasn’t terribly chuffed with my new door furniature, because it was, without exception, a different size or shape to the old stuff. This meant taking a chisel to both the door, and the door-frame. My beautiful, perfectly painted door frame. Oh well, I probably should have thought of this earlier.

At least the new furniature is, without exception, better in both functionality and appearance than the old rubbish left by the previous owner. I’m not sure why Dad thought we should use it, considering nobody liked the stuff. He just assumed we would. I’m not sure why I went along with it, either. Never mind.

I had the evening off. I didn’t have to go shopping, or wash-up, or go to the gym, or anything. A nice, quiet, lazy evening in. That’s what we like.

So I took the opportunity to clean the window-frame; it’d been a right mess when I bought the place, covered in paint and muck. The paint had already been scraped off, so I took soapy water and then car body rubbing compound to it, leaving it clean and white. Nobody wants racially-diverse window frames. Another wash and rubbing over the worst parts with scratch remover should see it near perfect. Hurrah!

Dinner was a can of Mexican chicken with cous-cous and a tomato, and then I played AI War for the rest of the evening. Gosh, you feel like you’ve earned a rest after you’ve played that game for a few hours, and that’s keeping it paused whilst you plot and scheme. Not a relaxing, carefree game. It’s great.


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