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Gripping the nation.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty similar and pretty uninteresting. Both involved work and gym and whatnot.

On Tuesday I made a cauliflower and pasta cheese bake, and played AI War.

On Monday I washed up, went to Lidl and didn’t get around to playing AI War.

On Tuesday the underlay and carpet grippers arrived!

On Monday I ate a Twix and sardines. Not at the same time.

On Tuesday I decided to do 250kCal each on the cross-trainer/treadmill. Not for an exercise reason; it’s just quicker and I was running late. Dinner took a while and was pretty filling.

OK, maybe they weren’t that similar, but I don’t think I could spread them out to two posts. I can’t think of anything else to say about them. Maybe I should keep better notes? I do wonder where my evenings go, sometimes. Surely those few things on Monday didn’t take seven-and-a-half hours? And yet I can’t remember anything else. If nobody remembers something, did it happen?

Still, nearly caught up with myself!


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