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And irradiatored.

On Saturday I had a lie-in. Hurrah! And then Dad arrived earlier than I expected.

Did you know that, when you remove a radiator, it’s a good idea to flush it out to stop it getting gunked up with rust and crud? I did not know that.

And either the previous owners didn’t know that, or they never removed the radiators.

So my newly-painted radiator was hauled off the wall again, taken outside, and shot. Full of water and empty of crud. Once it’d dried out it got a shiny new valve, re-attached (level, so it doesn’t match the rest of the room) and re-plumbed. Its copper pipes were scraped clean and primed.

I sanded down and cleaned the door ready for varnishing – more dust! Dust for everyone! – and looked up door-handles, latches and hinges. There were some left by the previous owner, but: they’re brass, which I don’t like and really doesn’t suit the blue of the paintwork; the handles are all ugly scrollwork; and the latches and hinges are cheapo rubbish. Worth spending a few quid on something decent.

As I’d been pretty busy all day, I decided on an easy, unhealthy dinner. Tinned meat pie and half a pound of peas. This, combined with a lack of real exercise, meant I got all the way up to -956 kCal for the day! Not bad going.

Oh, I must have posted something, because WordPress asked me to share a fear that you’re working to overcome, although as that’s mentioned every three or four posts there doesn’t seem much point in elaborating here. It also asked:

What are people surprised to learn about you?
I dunno. Probably that I’ve had sex.


Posted 25 August 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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