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Concentrating too hard?

On Friday morning I woke up feeling hungover. I hadn’t actually drank anything other than orange juice and lemonade the previous night.

Early afternoon my friend popped round to drop off and pick up some stuff. He hadn’t woken up hungover, despite drinking at least (by my reckoning) five and a half pints. This is not fair.

Dad also came over, and finished off the work to the floor in the bedroom. It’s now ready to be carpeted! Hurrah! And so underlay and grippers were ordered. The end, perhaps, is nigh.

The rest of the day was pretty unremarkable. Some work, some food, some playing AI War.

The gym went well; I managed 250kCal on the treadmill, the last 50kCal at 10km/h rather than 9 or so, without stopping. I once more jogged home without a break. I am Paula Radcliffe, although I didn’t have to stop to go to the loo halfway through. Which many people won’t believe.


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