Life is great if you love munching Styrofoam   Leave a comment

And everyone loves nibbling bubble-wrap. Right?

Monday. What happened? Not much. I did get to scoff leftovers from the barbecue, though. Mmmm, sausages.

Work was a bit more fiddling with and reading about Subversion. I decided I wanted to use TortoiseSVN. I am down with subverting tortoises. They’re far too sedate, orderly and calm for my liking, not like other reptiles. Crocodiles might look calm, but they’re not. They’re white-hot balls of rage, barely held in check, biding their time. And when that gazelle gets just a little too far into the water? KABOOM!

Lunchtime was an Exciting Top-Secret Mission! (I posted some goodies to my friend in Germany. If I were writing this in a timely fashion, I wouldn’t be able to say, but it should have arrived by now. Also, she doesn’t read this.) I had to assemble the package in the town centre, and had taken half a dozen Wagon Wheels to act as packaging, if necessary. But the box I bought was far too big for what I was posting (although when I was a kid just the Wagon Wheels alone would have filled it twice over), so she also got two bags of marshmallows, just to stop stuff rattling around. Edible packaging is the best kind.

In the evening I was making aubergine, tomato and mozzarella bake for dinner. Alas, it became apparent that it wouldn’t be finished and eaten before it was time to go to the gym. So I assembled it, shoved it in the oven just waiting to be turned on, and went to the gym before eating.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but it was the first time I managed to do a full 200kCal stint on the treadmill without having to turn down to a walking pace for a while to get my breath back. Hurrah!

Jog home, oven on, shower, eat. The aubergine bake was very nice, and there was a helping left for Tuesday.

I think that was about that.


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