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Up early on Sunday. Or at least early for a Sunday, especially when you only got to bed at 2:30.

This was because I was going riding again. This time, I was to ride Sam, whilst a new person – let’s call her Jane – was going for her first test-ride out on Wilf. The plan being that she can take Wilf along with my mother and her friend, but as mum’s friend was on holiday, I had to stand in.

More human interaction observation and practice. Jane seemed chattier than mum’s other friend. At one point the conversation went:

Jane: “So what do you do?”
Me: “Drink coffee and browse the web, mostly.”
Jane: “You work in IT?”

Yes. The ride was OK, Sam was good (after Jane had to catch him; he’s a bit scared of men, and ornery at the best of times), and his saddle wasn’t as bad as usual, thanks to a soft cover thing. Wilf played up a couple of times, probably to show off, although Jane might’ve been a bit tight on the reins; he, apparently, interprets that as “move on the spot”.

After riding there was a couple of hours to get ready to go to my parents’. I was going to cycle, so just before leaving thought I should pump up the tyres on my bike. Pumping up the front, I tested it, and thought “almost there, a couple for luck”. Pump-pump-pshhhhh. Sigh. I really should get a proper foot-pump or suchlike with a pressure guage. I doubt I put more than the maximum 90psi in the tube with my small hand-pump; more likely that the rocking as I pumped ripped the tube next to the valve. Oh well, no exercise for me.

The barbecue was tasty (estimating the calories was a pain), and my caramel squares went down well. My cousin’s baby was relatively well behaved, and a good time was had by all.

I wasn’t even late home, so got to play AI War too. Hurrah!


Posted 20 August 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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