At least it wasn’t “enemy”   1 comment


On Saturday I had things to do. Don’t you hate it when that happens? But there you go.

First up was go to the shops. As well as providing an opportunity to purchase things, this provided an opportunity to practice and observe that eye-contact thing on victims who can’t fight back, ie. shop assistants. Normally I’d consider picking on the defenceless to be unpleasant and dishonourable (albeit practical), but as I’m picking on them in an effort to be a pleasant, friendly human, and being neither hostile nor too friendly, I’ll let myself off. It’s all in the spirit of interpersonal experimentation and analysis. So that was interesting.

One thing on the list was a new set of earbuds. My last set, Sennheiser CX300-IIs, suffered from a common problem with these things: excessively long cable. I’m over 6′ tall, and it was almost twice as much cable as I needed. It was to prove their undoing; I bent down to pick up a dropped peach stone, the cable looped around my knee, and as I stood up it did neither the plug nor my ears any good. They still work if you don’t push the plug all the way in, but if you do the sound goes very quiet and drops lots of frequencies. I guess it broke the insulation somewhere.
My new earbuds are £5 Maxell jobbies, and they’re complete rubbish. The Sennheisers were a bit bass-heavy, but these sound like you’re listening to something very loud through a thick wall. There’s next to no high-range, and the built-in volume control makes that even worse (although at least it also squashes out the noise from my ‘phone and laptop’s crappy electronics, but that’s probably not the lesser of the two evils in this case).

I finished off by having a coffee in the coffee shop (as opposed to in Primark or Gamestation), watching the humans whilst browsing the web on my ‘phone.

I should probably stop thinking of them as “the humans”. And as “them”.

The afternoon – taking a session on AI War as read – I filled in the holes in one door and steamed another. You can’t have under-cooked doors, it’s a health issue. Also, it helps bend them into shape.

Talking of health issues, the primary reason for my going shopping was because I’d decided that my contribution for tomorrow’s family barbecue, in honour of my cousin coming to the Deep South of the Midlands, would be Caramel Squares from this BBC Good Food recipe. I used 250g of chocolate, because that’s how much I bought, and thought a bit more bitter chocolate would be nice with all the sweet stuff in the rest of it. They were pretty straightforward, probably only taking two hours or so, and absolutely brilliant. I recommend. Do make sure you use good chocolate, though.

My usual tardiness in getting started did mean that my plans for an early night were foiled, however; I got to bed at half-past two.


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  1. You always use good dark 70 % chocolate! Should always use good ingredients

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