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Inciting revolution.

Friday was time to get on with the next big job for work, and so I thought it was a good opportunity to do something that I probably should have done years ago.

If you’re a software developer you probably want to sit down or hold on to something. If you’re not, you probably want to prepare for your eyes glazing over.

Yes, I thought it was finally time to use a version control system.

I know, right? But look, it’s not that I didn’t know about them, or what they’re for, or even that I’ve never used one before (I am a SourceSafe Survivor); but there’s only one of me and only one development machine. Everything’s backed up frequently by hand, so I could always get old versions if I needed them for something (I think this has happened once). But where, in the beginning, there was one bit of software and a few source files, now there are fifty projects and somewhere over 200MB of files even after cutting out much of the compiler-generated stuff.

So “Copy of [filename] before [major change].bak” is no longer an elegant solution. And having to fix something whilst I’m also working on some change to the same thing is becoming ever more likely.

I decided on Subversion, because I like the name. It also has Windows versions, and seems well-regarded. Well, except by Linus Torvalds, but what does he know?

So Friday was researching and fiddling and playing with that. A day when it looked like I did no work, but was actually doing something quite important; bringing myself, kicking and screaming, into the 1980s.

In the evening I went to the gym successfully, and played AI War. Have I mentioned that AI War is excellent? I should do that at some point.
I also remembered that there were rumours of my cousin coming down from Blackpool for the weekend. Just as I was about to call Mum to see what was up, there was a knock on the door which answered my questions. Hurrah!

Oh, this is my 101st post. A milestone which literally nobody said couldn’t be done.


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