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Not staying at home eating biscuits.

Thursday was pretty much back to normal. I finished off the last small job at work, so on Friday I could get on with my next set of plans.

I played AI War. My current game seems to be going really well, and I think I might actually, perhaps, even win this one. I just wish I had more time to play it! OK, spending more time with the game playing and less time with it paused while staring at it, deciding what I should do, might help, but where would be the fun in that?

And, you may be surprised to learn, I made my triumphal return to the gym. Really. I figured that best case, doing exercise would mean I’d lose fat rather than muscle, and worst case it would mean I could eat more cake and still lose weight. Also watching humans, and doing stupid things in public will hopefully desensitise me to it.

I decided that the reason I stopped going last time was partly lack of objectives, after “break even” had been achieved, and partly because there had been a lack of results for the time and effort. It’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym and do some stuff until they kick you out, just because, when you could be playing computer games and eating biscuits instead. Those things are their own reward.

So, this time, objectives. Simple: burn 300 kCal on the cross-trainer, burn 200 kCal on the treadmill, use the abdominal and forward/up-pushy-thing until exhaustion. And the quicker I get it done, the quicker I can jog home, providing motivation to get on with it. Hopefully the food-monitoring should sort out the results, or at least mean I know what to expect.

We’ll see.


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