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Some people do this for fun.

Saturday comprised two major activities.

Firstly, there was getting ready to go to Cornwall (we were actually staying at Portsmouth University and driving to Cornwall). Quite a lot of stuff to do – going shopping, leaving the house in order, packing, shave/haircut, doing washing, topping up my ‘phone so Google Woman could rescue us when we got lost, etc.

Normally, when I’m working, I’m getting on with the thing I’m doing and vaguely aware that there’s something to be done afterwards. Maybe I know what it is, but I’ll not care about whens or hows; I can jump off that bridge when I come to it. The reason for this is that having two things to worry about makes them each twice as stressful. Three things more-so. By the time you reach four or five things I’m wanting to run away and hide; all the things I have to do, easy enough individually, seem intractable, and there are a pile of them. All to do, today. How on earth is it possible? It isn’t, I think.

So having to do everything to get ready by that evening (and wanting an early night) was a nice state of Argh! for the day.

Secondly, there was the good old panic and worry about having to go away for three days. Argh.

Combine the two and you have stress and panic on top of worry, or an entire day when what you want is to curl up in bed with the covers over your head, furiously ignoring the world until it goes away and leaves you alone. I didn’t do this – although my internal monologue was pretty much “Aaaaaaaa!” all day – so I consider it a victory.

Just for a spot of fun, at half-past midnight, when I just wanted to go to bed, O2’s top-ups were a right royal pain in the arse. First, the web top-up didn’t work, without telling me why (after I found it. You’d think they’d make the ‘Give Us Money’ button pretty big and obvious, but no; it’s hidden in a paragraph of text on a page where none of the other text contains links. Well done, O2!). Then, the ‘phone top-up failed. Then, the web top-up failed at the Verified By Visa check with my other card, going straight to “too many failed attempts!” on the first try. That, at least, let me realise that JavaScript was turned off for*, so I could turn that on and, eventually, top up my damn ‘phone. It took an hour. I got to bed at 2am, knowing I had to get up at 7. The perfect end to a perfect day; thanks, O2, SecureSite and JavaScript.

(I wrote a very rude tweet about them. It was not nearly as bad as the thing I thought about them afterwards, using no rude words at all.)

* And why wouldn’t it be? What do they need it for? The only thing I can think of is password hashing, but is JavaScript really the ideal way to do that? And, if they do need it, why doesn’t it tell you to turn it on, rather than just failing to load or lying about your password being wrong too many times? Morons.


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