Mods vs. (Davy Jones’) locker   Leave a comment

The village green preservation society would not be happy.

Hello! And welcome to another exciting edition of Colthor Still Isn’t Dead. In today’s entry, we will cover:

AI War! Which I played. In fact my game got declared probably unwinnable (or just too much of a grind to win), after eleven or twelve hours; apparently nine planets after that long just isn’t good. This is my third loss, the previous one taking eight hours and the first about thirty minutes. Excluding time spent paused and reading Wikis and suchlike; the Steam clock reckons I spent 40 hours on them. I am beginning to suspect that, despite a genocidal rampage bringing humanity to the brink extinction, the AI doesn’t want to be my friend. But we have so much in common.
Clearly the only sensible response to this failure was, at lunchtime today (ie. Thursday, or The Distant Future from the point of view of this writing), to start a new game. I’ll get you this time, you unfeeling bastard. We could have made such beautiful music together.

Taking the safe option at lunch! Because there is no way that eating two chicken and bacon slices could possibly be more dangerous to a person from a family prone to heart attacks than wrestling with a pot of razor-edged death-houmous.

Witnessing the raw power of mother nature!

Swim, little bus! Swim!

Noo, don’t stop there, van! That’s a bad place to stop!

Rescued, hurrah! Hang on, isn’t that a business vehicle? Child labour!

Not pictured: The moped that pootled through the waves without a care in the world, as if to show the van how it’s really done.


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