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They convect. And it’s aluminium oxide.

Sunday was a day of decorating, and therefore grubbiness. After neatening up the doorframe on Saturday (I knew all that toy-soldier painting would have a practical application eventually. Also, it meant I already had tiny brushes), the only thing left to do (until I remembered the other things) was sanding and re-painting the radiator.

And so I sanded the radiator, and dusted the radiator, and hoovered the radiator, and wiped down the radiator with a damp cloth. And still, when I painted the radiator, there were specs of dust.

But this time it looks okay. Not perfect, but I reckon if I tried to sort out any of the imperfections (there are a few runs along the top where it was laying down, and there’s a small patch which is a bit uneven that you can notice if the light’s at the right angle) I’d wind up in the state I was just before sanding it down and re-coating it this time. That is to say, needing to sand down and re-paint the whole damn thing for, what, the fourth time? I can’t even remember any more.

So time to declare victory and leave well alone.

By the time I’d finished fiddling it was getting late and I was getting hungry. I’d originally planned to have a courgette/cabbage/pasta/tomato/cheese bake thing, but I couldn’t be bothered either to prepare it, or wait three hours to eat it. So I had barbecue super-noodles and a can of sweetcorn instead. As is usual with anything involving sweetcorn, it wound up tasting of sweetcorn. That’s fine, I like the stuff, but I prefer barbecue super-noodles.

After dinner I washed up, had a shower and played AI War. Exciting, eh?


2 responses to “Misnamed

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  1. OMG! How anal are u! Think u have OCD big time. Chill for godsake. Another thing if sweetcorn over powers any other flavour don’t use it!
    On the plus side it made me laugh!

  2. I prefer “not slapdash”, thank you.

    Probably having the noodles and the sweetcorn seperate would’ve been sensible. Live and learn. That’s the pay-off of such high-level research culinology, I guess.

    Glad it made you laugh.

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