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“I’ll have a consternation please, Carol.”

Friday was one of those days where you get to the point when you have to go to bed, but there is nothing to show for it, and you could swear there hasn’t been sixteen hours since you woke up.

Not because I slept in until 6pm either, sadly. I was up for work on time.

Um, I went to the shops. I didn’t really feel like that level of social interaction, but a lack of bread and anti-zombification cream forced my hand (and legs). It was go to the town centre or sit here being itchy and lunchless. I wonder if either would have been sufficient by itself? Maybe you could develop a scale to quantify motivation; “I can’t be bothered to go clubbing tonight by a loaf, maybe a loaf and a pint of milk”.

Dinner. Um. Oh! It was salad again, to use some stuff up, and also cheese, because cheese. The combination of mayonnaise, mustard, and chilli-and-tomato sauce was nice. Reminded me of some kebab sauce, but I’m not sure which one.

There was some consternation about going riding on Saturday, because not only will/did (writing about your feelings preceeding an event, after the event has happened, makes tenses hard) it involve going out in the morning (beyond the horror of getting out of bed, there are reasons my body is ill-suited to leaving the house before mid-afternoon most days. The other days it’s just ill-suited to leaving the house.), but also spending time with my mother’s horse-riding friend, whom I have only met very briefly; there could even be a conversation *shudder*. I agreed to take the otherwise-riderless third horse, who cannot stay in the field by himself. Why? Because I am an idiot.

And there was some (not nearly enough) playing of AI War. I quite like AI War, you may have noticed. I’ve been thinking about giving it its own post, but 1) that would be time I could spend playing AI War, and 2) it’d either wind up pointless SQUEE!ing about the game, or anecdotes that probably wouldn’t make sense if you’ve not played it. So I will say:
Imagine a cross between Supreme Commander, Sins of a Solar Empire, a Tower Defence game and Skynet. There is a generous demo here, for PC and Mac. There’s a lot going on, so you will spend quite a bit of time with it paused, reading tooltips and the wiki, even if you play the tutorial (really: play the tutorial). Do not be put off! I often find understanding what’s going on the most enjoyable part of a game, and it doesn’t hide anything or try and confuse you, or bog you down it tedium or busywork. It also doesn’t require much graphics horsepower (although the sprites are quite pretty when you zoom in, but you won’t zoom in much), Intel integrated is fine, so you’ve no excuse. Play it. It’s ace.

I was going to answer some of the questions posed by WordPress, but this post is long enough already, and you have better things to do. Like playing AI War. Or spending time with your loved ones, if you must. Or your computer’s broken.
But it does keep asking what I’d do with a magic wand. I know exactly what would happen if some idiot gave me such arcane power, and so can you if you read comic 625 through comic 640 of Order of the Stick. Seriously: never, ever, ever give me a magic wand.


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