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Cor, look at the persipan on that! *Dies*

On Tuesday I realised I’d not weighed myself for a while, and so I did. I was a banana over normal weighing conditions, but figured there had been so many pies and confections, and so little exercise, since the last time that one banana wouldn’t make much difference.

So when my body mass was recorded at 81.6kg, a mere 0.6kg (less a banana) more than the previous measurement on the 18th of June, you can well imagine my pleasant surprise. I went to the gym three times in that whole period. One week I managed to eat 11,000 kCal of cakes, biscuits and sweets, and another I ate three bags of sweets and six assorted pasties and slices. Not what I expected.

It’s also odd in that it suggests sitting at home stuffing your face has just about the same effect on weight as going to the gym three times per week. I can’t even begin to explain that. Unless wallpapering consumes something like 600 kCal per strip, but I don’t think I’m quite that fussy.

Unfortunately (every silver lining, eh?), this wasn’t motivational for my vaguely anticipated* return to the gym. Going for an hour will take a good two hours out of your evening, by the time you’ve got changed, walked to/from, had an extra shower afterwards and so on. Two hours that could be spent doing something that doesn’t involve leaving the house**, like some work I should’ve got on with during the day, or playing AI War, or drinking tea and eating cake. And if there’s no measurable difference between the effects of going to the gym and drinking tea and eating cake, why wouldn’t you pick the latter?

So I did.

Well, I had a couple of other excuses; I managed to make myself late in the usual not-entirely-under-my-control way. And also my left little toe hurts; the skin on the bottom has dried out, and cracked at the joint. Anyway, it stings, particularly whenever I put weight on it. Yeah, I’m not exactly dying from cancer, but it’s more than enough of an excuse to stay indoors.

And I’m really lazy.

So I finished some work I should have got on with during the day (or so I thought! More on that tomorrow, maybe, if I can’t think of anything interesting), played AI War, and ate Battenburg fancies.

* By people utterly lacking pattern recognition.

** Chalking it up as a “social activity” doesn’t work, because not talking to people elsewhere is no different to not talking to them here.


Posted 28 July 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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